Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kirby Vacuum Care Advice

The Kirby vacuum company knows how to build a vacuum that will last a long time. Kirby vacuum cleaners boast built to be heavy duty and have powerful suction. Older Kirby vacuum cleaners are ubiqitous on and can even be found on auction style websites even though they cost a pretty fair amount to ship because of their weight. The Kirby vacuum company has and continues to make quality vacuums. But even the best vacum cleaners need some level of care to clean your household effectively year after year

A Kirby roller brush should be replaced every 30 to 48 months regardless of which Kirby vacuum you own. It would be a good idea to inspect a Kirby vacuums roller every few months. You want to confirm that the bristles aren't too short. The brush rollers bristles will last for a few years before they wear down and will become a lot less effective at remove sand and dust from your floors. Any vacuum cleaner's brush roller should be remain free of any strings or pet hair. A Kirby vacuum brush roller that is covered in hair or strings won't clean your carpet very well and really sets back the cleaning performance of your Kirby while it is cleaning your carpet.

Some vacuum cleaner belts will stretch over the course of time and a Kirby belt is not exception. A Kirby vacuum belt that is overly stretched will negatively impact the effectiveness of the vacuums roller brush while you are cleaning. Belts really should be changed every single year. Waiting for it to just break is the most common mistake most vacuum owners make. A Kirby vacuum belt can stretch so much before it breaks that it will not spin the brush roller when the roller actually makes contact with your carpet. Kirby belts are not that difficult to replace.

A Kirby vacuum power cord really needs to be looked at with regularly. Do it while you are wrapping the cord up after you have finished cleaning your carpets. An electical cord should also be inspected any time you accidentally run over it while are operating the vacuum. Turn the vacuum cleaner off and unplug it right away. You are checking the cord for exposed wire. Kirby vacuums have very good suction and a cord can be damaged in seconds by such a strong vacuum cleaner. A damaged cord has to be replaced before you continue to use your Kirby vacuum.

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